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By submitting a request for warranty work, I agree that if the issue is maintenance related or if it is not covered under the warranty found under our Warranty Information page, I will incur  a fee of $350.00.   If a claim is submitted after 90 days of installation, a deposit may be required for the appointment to be scheduled dependant upon the information submitted.

Here is an example of maintenance vs warranty: Debris in the gutters – overflowing or backwashed gutters create the appearance of a leak, but it is only backed up. The charge will cover the cleaning.  The gutter is no longer pitched properly because the home has settled.

If you have set back the drip edge and water is getting between the gutter and the drip edge, it is most likely due to the drip edge not being long enough and/or dips in the fascia board, which is a builder or roofing issue. This is not a gutter warranty issue, but we will work with you to solve the problem. We try to note it when it can be visibly seen during an estimate, but that is not always the case. Drip edge extender is available at $1 per foot.

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